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Bloody Monster January 28, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Did I already tell you I love the Wednesday? If not, I do it right now. I think this day is the turning point of several things that happen during the normal week. The most important is the fact the working week is split in two parts by this day. Then I have seen that most of the things I want to achieve, strange but true, they happen on Wednesday. Besides that, I´m just both fully into the working phase of the week and, at the same time, already with my head in the weekend part.

OK, I think this is enough to say about this day. Let´s talk about about Sangue Mostro.

This Hip-Hop collective is born as a project from 5 Neapolitan rappers (SPEAKER CENZOU, EKSPO, ZIN, 2PHAST, O’KIATT). Coming from totally different realities, like soloists or part of other previously arranged groups, they bring their personal influences and styles into something not completely new but quite interesting.

I bought their debut album, “L´urdimu Tip!”, when I was in Napoli for Xmas (Oh God, how many visits paid to Feltrinelli and FNAC in less then 3 weeks!) and until now I had the chance to listen to it just once. I found on YouTube a few live performances but the one I share with you refers to the official video for the song “e´ ccos´nost´”:

as I heard several years ago on a night in a car during a radio interview to the Neapolitan band AMNK… “Nuje facimm´ hiphop… l´atri fann´ e´pippe!”




1. Gio - January 28, 2009

well, considering that this is hip hop and that i understand one word every couple of lines, it was not nearly as painful as i thought it would be.

2. Andrea - January 28, 2009

I survived as far as 2’39″…

3. Bisbi - January 31, 2009

A jump to the past!
I’m downloading a multitrace digital recorder to create another my song… 😉

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