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Link by link… February 3, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Today we reconnect to yesterday’s post. Sometimes I find it nice to start from a single point or an artist, a song, a simple idea and move on till the idea brings me somewhere else. This is a path I love to follow and most of the time it’s comfortable to me to do that. That’s why today we move from the band I posted yesterday, that is Calexico, to the band Giant Sand, whose the two main Calexico’s players are part of.

This American rock band can’t come but from the same place as for yesterday’s one, that is Tucson, Arizona, USA. The name of the band is shortened from the original “Giant Sandworms”, the stange creatures feeding with the “Spice” in the Dune books/movie. Overseen by singer-songwriter Howe Gelb, its membership has shifted over the years—at times with each album. As I also mentioned in the previous page of this book of mine, for a long while the band’s rhythm section consisted of John Convertino and Joey Burns who left the band when their side project, Calexico, grew more widely known than Giant Sand and, as Gelb characterized it in 2004, Calexico “began to work against Giant Sand and eat away at what the band was”.

Other members have included keyboardist Chris Cacavas (of Green on Red), bassist Paula Jean Brown (who was briefly a member of The Go-Go’s and was married to Gelb at the time) and drummer Tom Larkins (later to become a Jonathan Richman sideman). Of course, all these links to other bands could re-appear during the next posts… we will see.

Today we watch a live performance for the song “Increment of love”, from the new album “proVISIONS”:




1. Gio - February 3, 2009

mmmh … no lyrics around. neat, though, although it reminds me of lots of other things.

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