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Curtis’ daughter February 5, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Thursday. Today we have the farewell party of Davide and Ksenia. Today we say goodbye to friends that we won’t see for a while. Who knows when, where, how and if. I will definitively miss my friend and his wife.

Today we stop what we started since the beginning of this week and we will talk about someone out from the line I drew so far. Today we talk about Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Jessica Lea Mayfield is a 19-yrs-old American singer-songwriter, from Kent, Ohio. She is known for writing dark songs with a plaintive minimalist style. I read about this girl that in her first album was already kind-of-depressed and I tried to listen to her music. Quite nice and sad at the same time.

We will listen to the song “Kiss Me Again”:




1. Gio - February 5, 2009

gee, the whine …

2. Andrea - February 5, 2009

I resisted 37″ seconds…
maybe I should have given her a chance…
maybe they should have given her a prozac…

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