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Easy-Q February 17, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Liebe Freunde, heute mag ich der erste Anteil des Post auf Deutsch schreiben! Aber kein Angst, weil ich werde es auf Englisch übersetzen. Na ja… ich bin schön fertig… gemma mit der Musik!

(Transl: Dear friends, today I’d like to write the first part of the post in German! But don’t worry, because I’ll translate it in English. Ok ok… I’m already done with that… let’s go with the music!)

Today we jump back to the 80’s when I was saving money from the “weekly little salary” that I was getting from my parents and I was going to buy vinyls. And one of the first LPs I bought was “Bullet from a Gun”, from Derek B.

This Hip-hop hero comes from Great Britain and this is quite strange (or at least it was weird in an era full of people from US, like Run D.M.C., LL Cool J and other ones). His style is quite cool and I consumed his debut album in my player… actually now I should look for the CD version.

So, let’s listen to one of the two or three singles released from the album I mentioned above. Then let’s listen to “Bad Young Brother”:




1. Gio - February 17, 2009

Lyrics are not around on the web ….. well, at least they are not in the first 10 result from Google, which is just about how far my committment goes. This is not too bad, the beat reminds me of those places in London where I would always feel slightly out of place and also some Fat Boy Slim stuff, I guess I’ve got used to it.

2. Anonimo Siculo - February 17, 2009

also a bit -Beastie Boys-…geee..the look in those years was awful, thanks god the nineties arrived

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