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Sweedish Telecommunication February 24, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

I like the idea of keep posting things suggested by my friend Karin. I found she has some good stuff that I haven’t heard before. And moreover, I invite you all to send me suggestions (via e-mail) for things you would like to listen on this BLOG. Of course, as I have done in the past, only some of your suggestions will be posted or maybe I will select the artist/band and will choose a different song. Let’s try this thing and see how it goes.

So, today we have the Antennas.

Again an unknown band from my friend. Again I have to learn more about them. And I won’t write anything about them so that if you’re interested, then you go and check on their website. The only thing I can say is they will play live in a month or so (26th March), here in Vienna at B72 but I won’t be here at that time.

So, let’s listen to today’s song, that is “Always On My Mind”:




1. Gio - February 25, 2009

ehi, where is my comment? i don’t remember any more what i wrote, but i did write something!

2. Domenico - February 25, 2009

I haven’t found anything from you, even in the SPAM queue…
try it again, Gio!

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