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They can say No! February 25, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

As they say in sport, “if you win, you don’t change the team!” (Well, I’m not sure about the sentence but the concept is the one I wanted to express!). Therefore, today we will continue the tradition started with posting a band or an artist proposed by Karin. Yes, my dears, this girl knows some bands that I don’t know and that proves that I’m losing the pace and not improving and searching and discovering new things… but time is time and I have not so much recently.

Then today we talk about the band Veto.

This Danish band plays rock music very likely to the most famous Bloc Party (or at least the Bloc Party at the time of their first album). While they’re quite famous in their home country (In February 2007, they won the award for Best New Act, as well as Best Danish Music Video at Danish Music Awards), as I said, I’ve never heard anything from them until today.

But now that I listened to some of their tracks, I can choose between them and this time I won’t publich the one suggested by Karin but the following one, that is “You are a Knife” (not only because we talked about the band “The Knife” in the Monday’s POST but because I like this song):




1. Gio - February 25, 2009

We`ve got till the break of dawn
We have to just carry on
We`ve got till the sun comes up
Keep up the speed and never stop

You`ve got your guns and war machines
You`re like a knife, you cut things clean
There`s no one here to end this war
No one knows what you wage it for

You walk and walk proud
Elbows out
You will never stop
Nor give up

You got your guns and war machines
You`re like a knife you cut things clean
But there`s a beat in all machines
And a song in everything
nah …

You walk and walk proud
Elbows out
You will never stop
Nor give up
Drive and drive fast
You will never stop
The road was paved for you
And just you

2. Karin - February 25, 2009

Second attempt to write some comments about your music 🙂 i am the total IT Geek, as you might have noticed already!!

Anyway, Veto are coming to Vienna on the 3rd April, B72. I will go methinks!

Dont beat yourself up about not being totally up to date.. you do have a challenging job. I am cheating as my mates have kind of arty, creaty jobs and listen to UK music stations online and they make me listen to new things. Kind of cool since not being in London I am also slightly behind with everything 😦

Anyway, here is another cool band.. not too dancy but not bad. They are from brazil, called +/- (plusminus).

Their January Gig was unfortunately cancelled but they might come back and will go see them, just cause I love concerts :-).

Thanks for putting all these songs on your Blog!


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