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Neapolitan Videogames March 6, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

And here we go again with the weekend. This weekend starts with today’s rest. I need a rest. I hope I’ll have one. I need to stop a bit to do things out of the box. To think a bit out of the box. Points of view are quite important, most of the times. Let’s see how it will go.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about a band from my loved country, gliAtari.

This band comes from Torre Del Greco and they have been launched on the market by a group of people that are friends of friends of friends of mine, namely the Freakout people that started with a musical magazine, then organizing concerts, then they start producing new bands. That’s encouraging.
Talking about gliAtari, this duo plays some electronic music but also featured with real bass guitar and drums. They remind me about the Bluvertigo. In the end they’re not so bad and, in this world ruled by boy-bands, young stars pushed by media and gossip, they deserve to have their chance.

So, let’s come to the video for the song “Poisoned Apple Pie”:

Enjoy your weekend.



1. Gio - March 6, 2009

These people are so unknown that if you do a search to find the lyrics you get this blog and/or another blog of italian stuff (Dome do you it? http://www.rockit.it/index.php). As for the song, it’s all right I guess, doesn’t say much to me, but I guess they are not worse than many others ….. Have a great weekend.

2. Patrick - March 8, 2009

They are sure interesting …….

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