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Don’t you think?! March 16, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Maybe some of you did notice that I just stopped posting things over the weekend. The reason for that is mainly that I have no time to do that. Nevertheless, I’ll be here for you to delight your ears with some (hopefully) good music.

That’s why we start the week in a good way by posting some nice music from the past. Today we talk about Alanis Morissette.

This Canadian singer has been around since a while (like more than 20 years) and I found it strange I haven’t talked about her yet. It just did happen that I was reminded of that during the weekend and then a lot of memories came thru. The first memory is about the band I was playing with when I was in Naples. We did play a couple of songs from this artist with Sarah singing. The second memory refers to the video when this artist played to be God. That was kind of cool. There are some other memories for sure but I keep concentrated just on these ones.

Therefore let’s enjoy together the song “Ironic” and the respective video:

Enjoy the week.



1. Gio - March 16, 2009

They’ve finally installed my new computer ….. and OBVIOUSLY the flash player does not work, which is really too bad because I really like this song! In general, I find Alanis Morrisette a bit too intense and on the whiny side of life, but the first album was great.

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