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you too? March 26, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Today I found something very special. I never thought that a band like Sepultura could have performed a cover from a U2 song and… I found a version of “Bullet the Blue Sky” (not too hard, indeed… but also not so different from the original):




1. Gio - March 26, 2009

i’ve taken a couple of days of leave to limit the number of days that i will loose at the end of the month, given i have accumulated too many … well, maybe waking lazily up in the middle of the morning one would have preferred something more mellow, but i must say that also this cover was great, the song perfectly fits sepoltura. dome, i was thinking i like this business of covers, it appeals to the ‘i know what i like and i like what i know’ part of me, which i actually think is quite common, but that’s another story, and at the same time it caters for your need to look into new things … a win win situation really … 😉

2. Andrea - March 26, 2009

Ahahah…. love the comment above!
Elisa does wonderful covers… hint hint…

3. Andrea - March 26, 2009

And U2 have put out a new album and it’s not all that bad and they are touring Europe this summer. hint hint…

4. Gio - March 27, 2009

now, THAT is a hint i’m interested in …

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