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Born in Monfalcone March 30, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

You have no idea on how I liked the fact you appreciated the “covers’ week”. I must say that it was an idea like many others, just to give a little change to the usual “search for new stuff” approach that Gio spotted in one of the comments so far. Incidentally, that gave me the possibility to catch up during the time I spent in the wonderful city of Naples.

Lots of colors, emotions, sounds, food, as always! Thanks to the ones who where there and best wishes for the Cuomos.

Taking one of Andrea’s comments as one’s starting point, today we talk about Elisa.

Elisa Toffoli (or simply “Elisa”) is one of the most interesting female artists in the Italian musical scene. She comes from Trieste and in the beginning she became known for some songs he composed using English lyrics (one of the most famous was “Labyrinth”). Suddenly, she swapped to singing in Italian and (strange but true) her success not only remained stable but increased, giving the possibility to this beautiful and very talented artist to reach a larger number of people.

While alternating English and Italian songs, her name entered in the list of the pop (but not only) Italian stars, also quite famous abroad.

Today we listen to the song “Broken”, from my Elisa’s favourite album, that is Lotus:




1. Andrea - March 30, 2009

Oh… my morning love!
Thanks Dome… 🙂

2. Gio - March 30, 2009

ehm, she comes from monfalcone, that is part of the province of gorizia… anyway, i’ve lost count of the good memories listening to the songs of elisa, great to have her on the blog.

3. Andrea - March 31, 2009

What happened to the blog today?

4. Gio - March 31, 2009

I was going to ask the same!!!

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