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Still recovering… April 27, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Today we have a guest star that left me a page to be posted on the BLOG. Some of you know him and some other have been delighted by his music at last week’s party. Of course, I’m talking about Roberto “Dr.C.-Mushroom” Cuomo. I leave him the floor so that he can choose the artst and the respective music.

Ooops…. I don’t know what happened but the comment Roberto put… it just disappeared!

OK, we’ll try it again tomorrow. Now we got some Cypress Hill stuff for you all. This is Tequila Sunrise:




1. Gio - April 27, 2009

the party was GREAT! thanks, Dome and Marco for organising and thanks to the DJs that made us rock so!

2. Andrea - April 27, 2009

Huh… the party rocked!!
Yeah guys, you can pat yourselves on the back…
But you are definitely softening with age… what were all those easy crowd pleasers… ;)))

3. Domenico - April 27, 2009

Like Gio and I used to say…. “il popolo e’ bue!”

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