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F.A.T. M.C. April 28, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Last Sunday I went to the concert of Busta Rhymes, together with my friend Karin. That was my B-day’s present from her.

The concert was good but weird.

Good because that guy is a showman, someone that can involve all the audience, with no distinction for age and nationality, someone with a strong voice, someone on the blocks since more than 20 years, the faster MC I’ve ever known. This guy invented his own style, something you’d recognize everywhere, like his business card.

Weird because the concert was supposed to start at 21:00 but there were 1 DJ and 2 Austrian hip-hop bands before him and it started at 23:00 and lasted just 40 minutes, with all the songs in a row without a pause, like a bullet from a gun! Weird because Busta Rhymes is FAT, incredibly FAT, because after the first song he fell from the stage and went between the audience (with all his staff running worried out from the backstage), because there were 80% of youngsters, then 19% of older people (beside Karin and I, there were veeery old ones) and 1% of junkies that I was proud of (because they spent money to attend a concert).

Bottom line, the FAT Busta still rocks (I don’t consider his last new album that he said – at least 3 times – it will be released in 3 weeks) and that’s why he deserves to have another post on this BLOG. This one is for the song “Woo Hah!!”, feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard:

Peace (T)

P.S. : See also the other page I posted so far:
A friend asked to me



1. Gio - April 28, 2009

whatever …

2. Andrea - April 28, 2009

up there with beethoven & mozart…

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