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News from Dr.C. April 29, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

And this time, we managed to get the POST from Roberto…

Hello everyone,

i hope you all enjoyed the party because i did very much. I liked the fact of playing music for such a various audience, and as Domenico knows, the most difficult thing when you have to make dance people is to make dance people with so many different tastes in music. Anyway last Saturday it seemed to me that everything went fine cause the people whom i spoke with they all had fun so i guess i did a good job.

Now let’s skip to the point, the music.

The artist which i’m introducing you today is a young talented reggae singer from Germany and his name is Gentleman. Yes even in the cold Germany they make good reggae music not only in the sunny Jamaica, that’s the legacy that Bob Marley left us after spreading his seeds all over the world, so now we have great reggae musician not only from Germany, but for instance from New Zeland or from Israel ( not mentioning the Sud Sound System from Italy, but those guys are around since almost 20years so they are not a newcomers ).

Gentleman earned the respect of all the jamaican reggae scene with his music and many of the most important artist collaborated with him in making his albums ( Sizzla, Luciano, Antony B and Barrington Levy justfor quoting some), and this means that this guy has something to say and he say that in his own personal way, not simply using old cliches of reggae music.

So the song I’m posting is for you today is called “Superior”:


P.S. I dedicate this one to Julia, keep this lady tight to you Mr P.



1. Andrea - April 29, 2009

Hmmm… I wonder where Gio is…
I hope she doesn’t get offended but I was truly curious about the lyrics, here goes:

yuh remember wha garnet a sing?
If yuh know not god yuh know not love, no no
If yuh know not jah, coz god is love

i know jah love it is superior
your devil complex inferior oh yes
worshipping material
bowing to your silver and gold (repeat)

somebody tell me
coz i really got to know oh oh
i read a lot of history
but tings nuh really show no no
why dem drop the bombs ina arabia
why the children bawl and suffer ina africa
leaders of the world just fighting for superpower
but judgement ago fall upon dem head like rain shower
mi go so then

chorus (repeat)

so yuh betta love the likkle youths
nuh terrorize dem oh no no no
teach the youths the truth nuh criticize dem oh no no no
open up your eyes and realize then
yuh hafi keep yuh hafi care you hafi guide dem
dont yuh know
war and crime will divide dem
now yuh betta show the youths your fears and don’t yuh hide dem
and then equality and justice will unite dem
lift up your voice and yuh got to sing the anthem
we go so then

chorus (repeat)

long time we fed up a your promises and lies
your illusion and religion just covering our eyes yo
frustration a starvation multiply
depression until the well a run dry
can’t yuh show the love man and not the animosity
can’t yuh live a life how it is said in duteronemy
me coulda be your friend
yuh want to be my enemy
yuh can’t tek dem speed jah over jah so so come follow we come follow we
come follow me

chorus (repeat)

2. Andrea - April 29, 2009

“can’t you live a life how it is said in Deuteronomy”

Text is banal, music is simple, give me Bob back…

3. Gio - April 29, 2009

it’s Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeggae!

thank you again, dr c, for the great party!

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