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BSBE May 18, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Today we start a very short week for me, because I’ll be off from Thursday onward. On one end, that implies I’m short in time for all the things I should do. On the other end, that means I’ll stop at the point where I will arrive on mid-week… that’s it.

Today I want to share with you an interesting new band that seems to have had a discrete success on the festival of 1st of May. They are the Bud Spencer Blues Explosion.

This duo, guitar-voice and drums plays some dirty blues, very low-fi and with a bit of garage-rock. They’re around since a couple of years, coming from Rome and being playing in several important national and international festivals.

I found the song “Blues di Merda” and I share the video with you:




1. Milica - May 18, 2009

good sound, i really like it. lazy start and lazy parts and then simple rhythm…
it was good to see you Dome 🙂

2. Gio - May 18, 2009

mmmh ….. yeah, milica is right … lazy beginning of the well, ok …

3. Andrea - May 19, 2009

If they didn’t have a couple of ‘autistic moments’ I’d say I really liked that…

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