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Versus May 26, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Still tired from the trip to Italy that allowed me to meet my friend Piero and his lovely family, I’m trying to catch up with things left beyond… at work, at home, more or less everywhere.

Meanwhile, let’s go for the second day of the Pearl Jam’s week.

Today we talk about the second album of the band. After the surprise that cam with “Ten”, the band released the CD “Vs.” This CD sounds stronger and incredibly more rock and raw. At that time I was playing with my band and we were into the Pearl Jam mood and took a couple of songs from this CD to play them acoustic. That’s why I will take two songs from the album and will propose to you.

Both songs are played live because this band’s live performances are such an experience.

The first song is the wonderful “Daughter”:

While the second one is great “Rearview mirror” that gives me so much energy every time I listen to it:




1. Gio - May 26, 2009

and the guy is totally hot … i’m impressed.

2. Milica - May 26, 2009

Gio, you didnt know about him before?
you picked 2 songs that i always play more than once…
who am i fooling, whatever you put from them i ll be delighted 😀

3. Gio - May 28, 2009

well, i knew about pearl jam, i knew some songs and i had kind of seen some pictures, but i had never seen an entire video …

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