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DBDay2009 May 31, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

This post has been written and published on the day my frato DarioB celebrates his B-day. Some of you, who don’t live in Vienna, will watch it the day after (that is 1st June, Austrian holiday) and some other ones will watch it on Tuesday 2nd of June. That means this post is a special one.

Not only special because done for Dario and because it lasts 3 days, but also because today we speak about a band that I don’t like too much but Dario does. Today we talk about the Scars on Broadway.

This American rock band is made of two components from the sband “System of a Down” (Daron Malakian – does play everything but drums – and John Dolmayan, the drums player) which split some years ago. During their live performances the duo were joined by other musicians. They released just one album, containing some tracks that remind me of the last two albums of the S.O.A.D, that is “Mesmerize” and “Hyopnotize”.

Their sound is rock, somehow prog, somehow (trash/black/doom) metal, Armenian, somehow too similar to the S.O.A.D.’s one. Is this good?! I’m 99.9% that two of you, my favorite readers will not like that, but it’s fine.

Today we listen to the song “Insane”:

Happy Birthday, brodmo



1. Andrea - June 2, 2009

It didn’t give me the thrills but it’s not bad… are you stereotyping your listeners? ;))))

2. Milica - June 2, 2009

mmmmmmmm, well, the sound is somehow trying to be rock and hard, but the voice and the way how guy sings doesnt go with that.

3. Gio - June 2, 2009

same here … more than about the stereotyping, which, as you know, is a real time saver, i am rather interested in this new development of dome posting something that he doesn’t like ….. by the way, happy birthday darioB!!! saluti insonnoliti a tutti!

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