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Donne sulle biciclette… June 3, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Blog in a rush for today cos I’ve too many things to do and  not so much time for all of them. I know I should reserve time for me and my music passion… well, let’s try to compromise on that.

Today we talk about Luca Carboni.

This Italian singer is definitively part of my adolescence. I have so many memories with his songs as soundtrack that I can’t remember where it was the first time I listened to one of his tracks. Why Luca Carboni for today? Because when I was in Grosseto to meet my second brother Piero, it happened that he had some collection of LC’s songs and we listened to them from Grosseto to Siena.
Then I went back in time with my mind and heart and started singing with Piero in the car.

Today we listen to the wonderful song “Lungomare”, played live at Festivalbar ’88:




1. Gio - June 3, 2009

non suona come dalla? … carino comunque.

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