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Rock tremors June 17, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

It seems to me this week we’re doing fine. Some rock here and there is always well appreciated (at least by some of us). So let’s continue with this indie-rock week.

Today we have an almost unknown band, named My First Earthquake.

What could we say about these band? They play something like dance/rock/electro music but using real instruments, having a nice female singer somehow reminding me of Courtney Love. Their songs talk about zombies, soup, sprinkler systems, cross-dressing boyfriends… the usual stuff. In the end, this Four-piece band based in San Francisco is nothing special, but still not bad compared with other ones.

I chose their song “Sack Lunch” as the one I like more (I found other three/four from the same performance they had for this song):




1. Gio - June 17, 2009

whatever …

Sack Lunch
The pre-pube found himself at home
His parents left him all alone
The pizza boxes of his heart
Empty before they start.

He said to me how can I know
That he’s the child of a ho
I said it’s written
All over your face.

He came to classes I visit
Asked what is love?
Do I miss it?
I said wherever you find it
It probably already is.

I slipped
He slumped
I bummed a bump
We woke up cold
And I said I’m stumped
He said don’t think
I said fine. I’ll see you tomorrow

Class resumed September 8th
I eyed him up when he came in late
He passed me a note that read
I’d love to meet you in your own bed.

I thought I’m way too old for this
He’s not 18. Don’t he get the gist
I said our ages, they don’t fit.

He said I am mature for my age
I said you don’t know you cannot gauge
You only know other kids your age.


He’s in my daughter’s cooking class
Wears an apron slung low on his ass
I thought wouldn’t it be fine
For us to leave and change our minds?

He said, I don’t know.
That don’t sound great
But me and pre-pube,
we found ourselves loving
and coveting the same Lord.

Lord, lord, lord, lord. News made it
all the way back home
Hubby said I left the kids alone
I said how could I love a 12 year-old boy?


I’ll see you tomorrow
You little chalkboard of a boy
Chalkboard as a toy
Break my heart, you boy.
Leave it on the sidewalk.
You fucking boys are all the same.
Oh, all the same.

2. Andrea - June 17, 2009

From cheap blowjobs on to paedophilia…

Dome, what\’s up? Do we need to talk? ;-ppppp

3. Chad Thornton - June 17, 2009

Heya, Chad here from My First Earthquake. Thanks for the mention, even if we “nothing special”. 😉

You might want want to give a listen to our new album, called Downstairs — it’s releasing this week:

Listen to “Cool in the Cool Way” or “Vow to Vowels”….

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