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The band that was a band June 19, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

And we end this week by playing songs from another indie-rock band. This time we have a band that is not a band anymore, that is The Deirdres.

The Deirdres were a Derby, United Kingdom based band. Once located within the strange music scene of Derby, the Deirdres consisted of 7 members and they rose to fame in October 2006 when they appeared on the BBC Antiques Roadshow programme, where they performed the theme music. Then the band started playing gigs later that month, making their debut at the Halloween party of the Greyhound pub in Derby. A year later, and the band released their first single ‘Dinosaurs That Can Swim’ on ltd edition 3 inch CDs, and almost a year after that the band released an EP called ‘Why Do My Glasses Give You The Heeby Jeebys’. As you can see, imagination and word-funny-games are not missing at all! Three-sevenths of the band + one girlfriend (Emily Bell) played a gig in Melbourne, Australia under the name ‘Can You Say Nincompoop’ which included some Deirdre covers and other songs.

I found a couple of their songs on the web and I noticed the incredible resemblance with “Los Campesinos”. Then, the song I chose is “Milk Is Politics”:




1. Gio - June 19, 2009


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