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Meno due! June 23, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Yes, I’m so thrilled about going on holiday that I can’t resist talking about that on every occasion. During these days I’m studying the theory for scuba diving certificate and I’m quite excited to try this new experience. Will tell you more when I’m back from holiday.

So, let’s continue with the short week, today we have Just Jack.

Just Jack (real name: Jack Allsopp) comes from London and the things which inspired his style are: dance music, break dance, electro hip hop and house. He wanted to be a break dancer at eight and his love for dance music led him to start DJing at the age of fifteen (!). About his music, it reminds me about Mojo at the time of the hit “Lady”.

I like the following sentence he stated when talking about himself: “I never had heroes and never wanted to be like other musicians”…“I have no affiliations to anyone, I’m not part of a gang, I’m not a part of a scene and I don’t have a sound that’s obviously a part of a scene. I’m Just Jack.”

Let’s dance with Jack, then, to the rhythm of the song “Starz In Their Eyes”:




1. Gio - June 23, 2009

xy song from a british club … ok i guess.

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