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Domani: chiuso per ferie! June 24, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Hi there, for the ones non-Italian-speakers, the subject means “Tomorrow: closed for holiday!” and it refers to the sign you put on the door of a shop that is, exactly, on vacation. And that will be since tomorrow and for more than two weeks. So today we got the last post of this week.

We talk again about rap from UK. Today we have Klashnekoff.

Mr. Darren Kandler, A.K.A. Ricochet Klashnekoff or just Klashnekoff (pronounced K-Lash-Nek-Off), was the founding member of the “Terra Firma Crew” along side Skriblah, D.Ablo, Diamond Ruff and Smasher. Klashnekoff is one of the freshest talents on the UK Hip Hop scene at the moment and is on his way to hit the success. He is currently working hard on his own album and The debut Terrafirma Album (following the critically acclaimed mix tape THE FOUNDATION) both of which will be released in 2009. This young very talented singer started writing rhymes at the tender age of ten, way before rap became the cool thing to do. The conscious MC is named after a Russian gun, but the reason he chose this stage name Klashnekoff is because to him it represented a freedom symbol. Through the news on TV, he saw these little child soldiers in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Dafur with their little Klashnekoffs guns what it meant to them.

And his name makes sense to the title of the song we got today, that is “Murda” (Cavina, spare us any interpretation of this title..):

Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the time from now till my return.



1. Gio - June 24, 2009

bah, can’t copy the lyrics, anyway, can’t say that i’m particularly thrilled about yet another hip hop guy with a name glorifying the use of automatic weapons by child soldiers and yet another set of lyrics about violent fight.

2. Andrea - July 1, 2009


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