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Back! July 13, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Hey! I’m finally back from the well-deserved holiday. I must say Sardegna is amazing, wonderful, colorful, unexpected, welcoming, full of friendly people and good food and great beaches and multicolored sea and… I could never stop this list as I’m very into the Sardegna-mood.

And finally we start the BLOG again. Now, I must say that I spent the whole driving-part of the holiday listening to the radio and I found a nice surprise that I’d like to share today with you.

I’ve been listening most of the time to the song “Domani – 21 Aprile 2009”, a song created and played by more than 50 of the most famous/important/significative Italian bands/artists/musicians, united in a collettive group called “Artisti Uniti per l’Abruzzo”. I must say that the first time I’ve listened to the song itslef, I thought it was the bad copy of the (already miserable) musical attempt express with We Are the World. But, then I learned a bit more about the intent of the song, about the musicians who participated to this project and, last but not least, I must say the song is not so bad at all. It’s still true that we have artists like Laura Pausini or Tiziano Ferro, etc. but on the other side we have people like Manuel Agnelli, Carmen Consoli, Battiato, Finardi, Ligabue, Jovanotti, Zucchero, etc.

Whatever is the reason why I’m posting this song today for you, I hope you’ll like it the way I do:




1. Gio - July 13, 2009

bentornato, dome!!!

la canzone e’ ATROCE!!!!!!


2. Andrea - July 17, 2009

ma il blog e’ redivivo…!!!
(beh, insomma, quasi…)

dai, non e’ cosi atroce.
solo un tantino schifida…

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