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Thank You and Goodbye August 30, 2009

Posted by Domenico in Music.

Well, it was exactly 2 years ago when I decided, based on Giovanna’s suggestion, to start this experiment of sharing my personal musical tastes with anyone that would have been interested in listening to something (maybe) new.

Many things have happened since that time. The BLOG has changed face, style, got some sporadic contribution, moved from a 7-days version with something not-musical during the weekend to a 7-days version with something not-new-but-always-musical during the weekend to the final 5-days version mainly concentrated on the week days.

Some numbers proved that my work (because, believe me, even if it’s a pleasure… it takes time and commitment) has been somehow appreciated. In fact we got :

  • 625 posts
  • more than 16000 views (1187 views during the first month)
  • about 3400 spams

In the end, it was a great experience and it gave me a lot of fun. I say in the end, because it’s time to move on and do something else. The BLOG will stay here, waiting for someone to visit, waiting for someone to discover new music, for someone to like it or not, to comment, to ignore… but it will stay. I won’t add any new post, though.

I want to thank all of you that have paid even a single visit to these pages. But special thanks go to Gio (who didn’t miss a single day), Andrea (who missed only the days when he wasn’t close to a PC), Francesca (who contributed from time to time but always tried to read), Roberto (my inspiring friend), Dario (who uses the BLOG “also” to refresh his English), Kelly (who was the only person publishing several posts besides me), Milica (who some months ago was the first in the morning to write something here), Roberto-di-Torino (who reads in the background… but I know that is there).

So, we started long time ago with a wonderful song from “Jamie T“, that song was “If You Got The Money”, and today I want to close this chapter with another song from the same artist. This is “Sticks ‘N’ Stones”:

Thanks again and enjoy.

yours, Domenico



1. Dr C - August 30, 2009

wise words my friends. For me this blog was a medium to stay in touch with you, but i understand your choices, i would get bothered earlier than you, and as you wrote this blog and the words on it will remains here. It was a great dissapointment only having not succeeded in making Giovanna like Hip Hop music…

2. Gio - August 31, 2009

you mean that now in the morning i got to WORK?!?!?!

3. Gio - September 1, 2009

just checking in case it was all a joke … ;-(

4. Davide - September 1, 2009

Goodbye and Good Luck !!!

5. Andrea - September 2, 2009

I turn my head a little second…
And the musical mainstay of my life… my path to sonic enlightment… just disappears!
I’m collecting the tears in a little vial which I’ll forever keep on my desk…
Thanks Dome for hours of fun and for providing plenty of reasons to bitch about hip hop… 😉

Let’s see what you move on to now… hehe… 😉

6. ale - September 16, 2009

bella dome’,
ti ho trovato.


7. milica - October 9, 2009

some time ago was the first to comment, now probably the last…

thank you.

i ve enjoyed it… (except hip hop ;))


8. melany - October 26, 2010

here are my words too! thank you for the music, and for your presence, Domenico. nothing lasts for ever, all of us know, and it is not necessarily a bad news.
let me add a word for closing with pointing out Zampaglione’s L’essenziale
(yes ok it’s too simple to catch ears attentions with words like those… and we are no more at High school) by by

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